AYANEO to Launch GEEK & AYANEO 2 Handheld Gaming Consoles in December: Can It Play Steam Deck Games?

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Heniputra.org – AYANEO is launching a handheld device that’s in competitors with various other handheld gaming consoles out there. For followers that think there isn’t enough competitors in the handheld console market, obtain ready for the introduce of the GEEK & AYANEO 2.

AYANEO has Exposed Designs for the GEEK & AYANEO 2 Handheld Gaming Gaming consoles

The company, AYANEO, has currently exposed the designs for the GEEK & AYANEO 2 handheld gaming gaming consoles, as better seen on Video clip Cardz. The discovery of the gaming consoles also came with information regarding specifications, prices, and also launch days for both models.

Inning accordance with the tale by WCCFTech, AYANEO is also a handheld manufacturer that consists of a comprehensive collection of systems. When it comes to the CPU being used, the handheld device currently packs quite a strike.

Both Devices Will be Using the AMD Ryzen 7 6800U Mobile Cpu

The article keeps in mind that the GEEK & AYANEO 2 will be using the AMD Ryzen 7 6800U mobile cpu. While its CPU makes the handheld devices definitely more modern compared with others, this does come at a significant price regulate.

The Chinese manufacturer apparently also exposed the official day and price for the GEEK & AYANEO 2 lines AMD Ryzen 7 6800U variations. These handheld devices will be selling at the prices of $949 for the GEEK and $1,099 for the AYANEO 2.

Buyers can Take part in the Very early Bird Duration to Get a More Affordable Price for the Handheld Gaming Devices

The handheld devices will apparently be introduced via crowdfunding projects. This would certainly permit interested players to prebuy the system at a possibly lower price.

This process is usually known as the “Very early Bird” pricing, where buyers can take part in the crowdfunding process to obtain the items at less expensive costs. The more affordable option will have a much shorter time of accessibility with the smaller sized provide of systems at that price point.

Buyers Will be Able to Choose In between the Dream Black and Crystal Purple for the AYANEO GEEK

Both options for the AYANEO GEEK are the Dream Black and the Crystal Purple. The Dream Black will be offered in 800p resolution while the Crystal Purple will be offered in a a lot bigger 1200p resolution.

Apart from the cpu, there has not been that a lot that was changed to the handheld gaming consoles. The Crystal Purple handheld device could be a great deal more considerable hit with certain console players that want to obtain a costs emulation or a vintage design.

The Dream Black colorway, however, produces a more modern and advanced ambiance for customers that want their gaming consoles to be as fresh as feasible.

The AYANEO 2 Will Come in 4 Various Color Options

The AYANEO 2, on the various other hand, will be launching in 4 various shades. Buyers will reach choose from the Starry Black, Skies White, B. Duck, and Vintage Power options.

The article by WCCFTech said that it will interest see various other options that could be offered over the next couple of months. It was kept in mind that both the AYANEO GEEK & AYANEO 2 will be formally shipping come December 2022.

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