What Is CIM in Manufacturing System?

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Heniputra.org – Traditional management accounting systems no much longer appropriate in changing atmospheres and progressively advanced technology systems and currently being change by Computer-Integrated Manufacturing. This of the causes impacting trends in management bookkeeping changes. What actually is computer-integrated manufacturing? Let’s read the following article.

What is Computer-Integrated Manufacturing

The basic idea of Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) started in the 1970s when a brand-new standard appeared specifying that manufacturing system elements had to be incorporated. Generally, Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) is an idea/viewpoint for incorporating several business procedures (marketing, design, circulation, and so forth) with automated functions in a manufacturing system.

In various other words, CIM allows manufacturers to be more versatile to moving market demands. Thus, by decreasing technical obstacles to satisfying market needs, infotech helps manufacturing companies to implement market-driven strategies. The work of computer systems at all stages of item manufacturing significantly affects the manufacturing process and the information systems utilized by management in modern manufacturing facilities.

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Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Software

After understanding the meaning of computer-integrated manufacturing, here are some of the best CIM software you might also want to think about implementing in your business.

1. HashMicro

HashMicro, a significant designer of computer-integrated manufacturing software, helps many large and small companies with their daily procedures. Manufacturing software from HashMicro decreases all your operate in your manufacturing company for fast as well as accurate outcomes with an updated system.

It has extensive features that enable users to perform quality assurance and repair monitoring in a prompt and complete manner, automated scheduling to track all your tasks and manufacturing processes, and cost control to decrease manufacturing costs to increase company capital, maximize margins, as well as increase budgeting precision.


ERPAG is a business source planning (ERP) service that runs cloud-based. It appropriates for small and medium-sized companies in a variety of markets. Such as automobile, retail, education and learning, infotech, and others. The primary features are sales management, purchasing, manufacturing management, bookkeeping and finance, stock management, coverage, and analytics.

ERPAG enables users to handle business processes such as selling, ordering, receiving, and providing products. Amongst the various other abilities are payroll, solution management, delivery management, user access management, point of sale, and barcode scanning.


Megaventory is a medium-sized business-focused cloud-based purchase and stock management application. Some of its features consist of purchase satisfaction, manufacturing management, invoicing, and coverage. Megaventory provides methodical solution to customers.

The stock management feature concentrates on providing stock at numerous locations, monitoring stock degrees, guaranteeing provider accessibility, and ensuring products are returned on schedule. The purchase satisfaction device helps users in managing sales orders received from customers and purchase orders received from providers. It also aids in the prep work of sales estimates, shipping estimates, drop-shipping information, and consignment information.


Computer-integrated manufacturing helps companies to react progressively receptive to market client needs. Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) is an idea for incorporating various business processes with automated functions in a manufacturing system. CIM can minimize lead time as well as prep work significantly. CIM also significantly decreases the use of personnels in manufacturing.

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