New York police search for parachutists who landed near Ground Zero

Posted on – Police in New York are looking for 2 guys that show up to have parachuted into a reduced Manhattan road close to Ground No before dawn on Monday and disappeared, authorities said.

2 guys wearing black suits and black safety headgears were found by a safety and security video cam alighting into a road close to Goldman Sachs Team Inc’s lower Manhattan head office at 3:07 a.m. Monday, the New York Police Department’s chief spokesperson, John McCarthy, said.

Both landed close to 200 West Road, a 43-story workplace loom located several obstructs west of One Globe Profession Facility, among the websites of the September 11, 2001, assaults.

Video cams close to the website caught the last descent, but authorities have yet to determine whether the guys leapt from a close-by roof or from an airplane.

“They were seen strolling with parachutes far from the place,” NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said after a departmental promo event on Monday, local media reported.

“No banners, keeps in mind were left,” Kelly said. “They left the (security) video cam. We have no idea how they left.”

McCarthy said the NYPD examination is ongoing and decreased further remark.

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