OneOdio Monitor 60 Professional: Why This Is the Best Over Ear Headphone for Audio Pros, Audiophiles, and DJs

Posted on – Workshop headphones may be available in a variety of designs, but they are mainly classified right into 4 kinds which are over-ear, on-ear, earbuds, and in-ear. This article will concentrate on the best over ear headphones, consisting of their benefits and disadvantages, as well as how they provide themselves helpful to specific circumstances.

Although your preferences and paying attention regimens determine the kind of headset that will work out for you, you’ll find that over ear headphones may do greater than differentiate themselves from various other ranges of their type.

What Is the Point of Over-ear Headphones?

Over ear headphones are distinguished by their thick headbands and big ear mugs that totally encircle the ears. Hence, the name. Audiophiles, sound pros, or DJs looking for a simple, perfect in shape that will not feel unpleasant also if large ear mugs hug their ears can choose these workshop headphones.

Not simply that—the best over ear headphones are one of the most comfy to wear since they are typically well-padded and don’t put a lot strain on your
head. You could find their dimension challenging to transport, but that is about it.

Eventually, the bottom line of using the best over ear headphones is that they provide the greatest easy sound seclusion since they can obstruct a considerable quantity of ambient sound, which is above most sound terminating headphones. They are also much less damaging for your ears compared to in-ear headphones.

Are Over-ear Headphones Better?

To be clear, one drawback of over-ear headphones is that they have the tendency to be larger and heavier. Although they can be quite mobile, bring them about isn’t exactly a stroll in the park. However, this doesn’t suggest that it’s substandard to various other kinds of workshop headphones. Actually, with its greater easy sound termination abilities, the best over ear headphones can effectively attenuate sounds from the outside environment.

It safeguards your ears and is comfortable to wear if you enjoy paying attention to loud songs. Definitely, overhead headphones can outperform most comparable devices, particularly if you obtain your practical the OneOdio Monitor 60 Professional Wired Headphones.

Best Workshop Headphones

The best over ear headphones satisfy industry benchmarks for recommendation sound quality and precise sound recreation, many thanks to Sony Hi-Res Sound accreditation. OneOdio monitor 60 wired headphones are also designed for one of the most requiring sound experts and audiophiles, such as tape-taping workshops, post-production, and transmitting. These workshop headphones are a favorite amongst manufacturers, mixers, top designers, and audiophiles.

Main Features

Sony Hi-Res Sound Confirmation for accurate sound manufacturing
Built preferably for experts in alarming need of workshop headphones
With 50mm drivers for your unique listening to capcapacities
Made with a better regularity reaction
Ergonomic design with a soft, leather-like, and bigger ear mug dimension
Wired headphones suitable for monitoring, watching TV, and paying attention
With 50mm drivers, it provides a richer sound experience that’s perfectly adapted to your specific listening to. It has smooth, leather-like earpads and a big mug dimension that carefully covers your ears to ensure you listen to every information of the songs you are paying attention to. Most importantly, OneOdio Monitor 60 Professional was thoroughly evaluated to provide you with the professional-grade develop quality you will not find in various other headphones, workshop kinds.


High-resolution sound confirmation
Ideal for DJs, audiophiles, sound pros, and various other experts
Adapter-free cable televisions and works with every device you want to set it with
Has a single-side monitoring
Ergonomic design with high-protein memory earmuffs
50mm double vibrant drivers


Just available in one color
To amount it up, OneOdio Monitor 60’s design suffices and greater than you might anticipate for the price. It has a somewhat more expensive appearance compared to various other items in its price range. Most overhead earphones can be challenging to store away because of their mass and dimension. But Monitor 60’s earcups pull back for storage space and can prolong outward for DJ monitoring. To top it up, each ear mug consists of a jack to place a cable television from either side. You might also use the second jack to trade songs with another OneOdio headset.

After purchase, you obtain a storage space bag, an individual manual, and 3 cable televisions. The cable televisions are 4 feet. 3.5mm to 3.5mm with a mic for mobile use, expanding 5 feet. 3.5mm to 1/4″ inch for workshop use, and a 10 feet. 3.5mm to 3.5mm that you could use in your home.

The Monitor 60’s extremely soft healthy protein natural leather earpads bring convenience for your head, but at the same time, it promises a durable develop meant to last for a very long time. Perhaps, you will find the clamp lighter compared to usual and could compromise sound seclusion, but at the very least it will not put your head right into a vice hold.

No matter, this best over ear earphone features deep bass and great treble intensity, highlighting its suitability for recreation paying attention, DJ monitoring, and various other audiophile uses.

OneOdio has definitely taken actions towards providing a genuine audiophile headset with the Monitor 60 Headphones, both worrying tonal consistency and information discussion. Overall, these headphones have improved quality over previous variations and consisted of good cable televisions for multi-usage purposes.

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