The Difference Between Purchase Order and Invoice

Posted on – In operating a company, you’ll deal with purchase order and invoice on everyday basis such as ERP software. These 2 points will constantly exist in your everyday life at the workplace. Sadly, there are still many individuals that don’t understand the distinction in between these 2 terms.

Although the content is basically the same, purchase orders (PO) and billings have a variety of essential distinctions in between them. To avoid humiliating on your own when handling a supplier because you using the incorrect call, you need to read this article first.

Understanding purchase order

PO is an industrial document issued by the buyer to the vendor. The components of the PO typically consist of information of the items you want to purchase from the vendor. This information usually is composed of the item name you want to buy, quantity, color, price, and so on. that are considered necessary.

Buyers are required to list everything they want to purchase from the provider totally and plainly. This is important to avoid complication in between the provider and the buyer. You would not want your provider to send out the incorrect items, do you? If both celebrations have settled on the components of the purchase order, after that this document will be an agreement that binds both celebrations lawfully.

Definition of invoice

The buyer sends out the purchase order to the provider, and the invoice is the opposite. An invoice is a file that the provider makes for the buyer. The components of the invoice document are basically the like the PO documents. It is just the purpose that various. Purchasing management systems help you make it easier.

The invoice is evidence of purchase to gather resettlements to buyers for sold products/solutions that have. Much like PO, billings lawfully bind the vendor and buyer. At this phase, the invoice suggests that the buyer owes the vendor.

There are 2 ways to deliver billings that are usually done by vendors to buyers. First, send out the invoice to the buyer when the item gets to the buyer, typically when it approaches maturation. The second way is when both celebrations have settled on the purchase order and the buyer has finished the purchase.

The following are the distinctions and resemblances in between purchase orders and billings:


Purchase orders (PO) are made by the buyer and are targeted at the vendor, while the invoice is made by the vendor for the buyer.
The components of the PO are complete information of ordering products/solutions you want to buy. Whereas billings are information of invoicing of products/solutions sold to buyers.
The vendor sends out the purchase order when the buyer orders products/solutions. The vendor sends out an invoice at the due day of the purchase payment when they send out the products/solutions.


Both documents are equally binding on buyers and vendors lawfully.
PO and invoice are both evidence that there are buying and selling deals in between buyers and vendors.
The components of the PO and invoice have almost the same information, which has to do with buyers and vendors, addresses, phone number, and so on.


Purchase orders and billings are an essential component of everyday tasks in your company. If previously you’re still having actually difficulty production purchase orders and billings properly, you can use the purchasing system This easy, practical, and complete purchase software has proven to increase the effectiveness of the purchasing process in several companies in various nations, such as Indonesia, Singapore, and various other nations.

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