What is success, really?

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Heniputra.org – This is a remark from a LIB commenter, Sleek. He/she made it on the Janet Jackson new body post. Please read and inform us what you think

Quit encouraging these failings, no hubby, no child, why her midsection no go tiny? If u want to resemble her u are free, simply do not wed and do not have kids. I do not elegant this type of individual. Life is – you need to be delivered to, after that live, after that wed, have kids and live as a family of ur own aside from ur previous family ( moms and dads and brother or sisters ). To me that is satisfaction and success. Anything much less of that’s a total failing regardless of what anybody says. I know some waste ones here will say immediate family isn’t by force or some will say marital relationship isn’t by force, hello quit deceiving urselves bcos a Individual that is average in life with family (partner and kids) is much better and more effective compared to an individual that is a billionaire without family ( partner n kids ). Yes I said it, if u such as begin consoling urself by saying it is not by force. If u such as try make urself feel great by saying it is an option. Varying from oprah Winfrey to Janet Jackson and to anybody out there that is very abundant but no partner and kids.

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